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2.8 Access privileges

The access privileges associated with the user and used to access vtenext are defined by the admin user.
Based on the selected modules, the following permissions can be granted to a vtenext user:

  • view;
  • create or edit;
  • delete;
  • import/export data.


N.B.  To depeen your knowledge we suggest reading the chapter 16.1.1 Create new profile.

The admin user can change all the basic settings of vtenext. The core of the CRM is represented by the customer lists. Before creating customer lists it is essential:

to understand how to create processes (purchase, sale, assistance, etc.) with vtenext; to set up the layout and user privileges on the admin side.

The following pages illustrate how to manage macro-areas and the main processes in vtenext. The final chapters contain a detailed explanation of the advanced settings that can be handled only by the Admin user.