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5.2.3 Email Functions

Compose Button.png

Compose a new email.

Update Button.png

Download emails from the email server


Messages module settings (user's personal settings)

Mark message as read/unread


Mark message as important

Move email to another folder

Mark as spam (the email is moved to the Spam Folder)


Delete email (the email is moved to the bin)

Email Functions_.png

Email Functions_2.png
Search in emails (simple and advanced)

Create Event/to-dos

Create calendar activity from the email


Link the email to an object in vtenext


Open Google Translate for instant translation of the body of the email

Download attachments

Download a single zip file containing the attachments, if more than one

Download attachment

File attachment as a CRM document / View document tab

Link document to an object in vtenext

Open attachment preview (supported extensions: odt, pdf and common image formats)

Emails can be linked to CRM modules by means of the Link function:

Email Functions_3.png

Through the “Link” function it is possible to relate the emails to the CRM modules:

Email Functions_5.png

The system suggests possible links automatically based on the sender's email address. You can edit the “Filter” item to extend to search also to include results beyond the suggested ones. The “Recents” button, which is accessible from the “create and link” function, allows you to access the modules most recently visited.

If you can’t find a match with an existing element, you can create a new record (for example a new account) by means of the “Create” button.

Once the connection has been made, it will be highlighted with the symbol , which will be visible both in the email list view and in the email detail with an indication of the linked record.

Email Functions_6.png

Linked emails will be also visible in the records, via Relations > Messages. Visibility of emails is subject to the Sharing Access configuration (Linked Messages module item).

Mark all emails as read.

To mark all emails as read, it is essential to follow these simple steps:

1. From the left column of the Messages module, click on BOXES / FOLDERS as shown in the image below.

Email Functions_7.png

2. Click on MODIFY as shown in the image.

Email Functions_8.png

3. Finally select the FOLDER where the emails you want to mark as ALL LETTE are located and click on the SIGN AS READ icon, as shown in the image below.

Email Functions_9.png