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10.6 Installations

Some companies need to associate a specific serial or registration number to a sold product. vtenext allows you to store this information in a special module that links customer and products. The Installations module allows you to track all the registration numbers that have been sold/hired to customers, while also monitoring the history of any assistance provided on the individual model.
For example, today you sell a "Brand – Model X" boiler to a customer, and you file it away with serial number XYZ1234 that identifies the model and the location (room 1). Tomorrow the same customer buys another boiler from you, the "Brand – Model X" to be located in room 2. It will be stored among the installations related to the customer with the JKW8900 serial line.
When the customer reports a fault in the first boiler, the ticket will be connected not only to the customer and to the generic product Boiler "Brand – Model X", but also to the serial XYZ1234.

An installation must necessarily be linked to:

  • A product, with which the article in the catalogue is identified;
  • A unique serial/registration number;
  • A customer (company);
  • An identification name (you can make it match the serial number in order to simplify any search);
  • A status to distinguish active machines from decommissioned ones.


From the company registry, it will be possible to view, for example, the fleet of machines sold to the customer.


The historical assistance on the product will be visible from the installation data.