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4.1 Add a calendar event

In the Calendar module you can click the green create button or click on the agenda area, dragging the mouse in accordance with the event duration (drag & drop).

Add a calendar event.png

Activity Type

Select Call, Meeting or other customised values


Classify an event as Public, Private or Standard


Enter a name (title) for the event


You can add a brief description of the event


Status is Planned by default. Defines the state of completion of the project


Set a priority level

Assigned to

Events are assigned by default to the person who creates them, but this can be changed if necessary

Event starts at” and
“Event ends on”

Each event has a start and end; events can last one or more days

All day

Select if the event lasts all day. By default it has 24 hous and it is placed at the top, in the Task section.

Since events can be linked to CRM objects, they can be created also by starting from the object in question (see "Linked to" function).

Linked to


1) The following modules cannot be linked to the calendar: Documents, Reports, Services, Products, Product lines, Newsletters, Targets, Delivery Notes, Price Books, FAQs, PDF Creator, Installations, Timecards, Processes, Contract Services.

2) The relation between an event and the messages module is available only starting from the single email and not vice versa. This does not require the “linked” field to be filled in, but rather a copy of the body of the email in the “description” field.


You can invite other users or contacts to the event you are creating.

The contacts will receive a notification email with details of the event and will be given the option to state whether or not they plan to attend.

Users will receive a vtenext notification (Notifications panel) and can access the event in the CRM to indicate their intention to participate (yes/no) and display the event in their agenda as though it were assigned to them.


Provides the facility to schedule an automatic memo (in the form of an email or notification) to be sent to all the participants. You can decide how many days/hours/minutes before the event to send the notification.

Warning! To send notification emails you must schedule the job in question in the vtenext server cron; for more details refer to the chapter CRONJOB – Processes to plan.


Allows you to schedule events that are repeated regularly, establishing the frequency. When the settings are saved the system will create the “copy” events, which are independent from one another.