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10 After-sales: trouble tickets and activity tracking

The after-sales phase is focused on customer support and requires:

  • Managing any problems or customer requests about the products/services provided;
  • Providing the customer with a tool for monitoring the progress of work on each request;
  • Providing the sales department with an overview of the requests made by customers for each product/service offered;
  • Managing the design phases after the sale (e.g. orders);
  • Providing the technician with a tool for completing the intervention report.

The HelpDesk module is based on tickets. The ticket represents the request of a customer referring to a purchased product/service that can be associated with various other vtenext entities (Calendar, Accounts, etc.).

For example:

  • To issue a sold license, you can open a ticket that tracks the status and code;
  • If a client has a service contract, you can open a one-year ticket to inform whoever is to manage it;
  • If a client calls you with a complaint or a malfunction, you can open a ticket and assign it to a free technician who can intervene.

vtenext also offers a FAQ system in which a list of questions and answers for each product/service is available in order to provide guidelines and first level support.

The most common tickets can be managed through the FAQ system.