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6.2 Email Sending Statistics and more

Once you send an email, you can access the Statistics tab from the Campaigns module to view an overview of statistics and details for individual statistics.

Email Sending Statistics and more_1.png

Message Queue

emails that have not yet been sent (when sending is complete, this column must be blank)

Sent messages

correctly sent and received emails

Viewed Messages

for each opened email: number of times the email has been opened, date and time of first and latest opening, link to recipient’s record

Tracked Link

if there are any links in the body of the email, the system tracks the number of clicks by each recipient for each link


recipients who clicked the unsubscribe link

Bounced Messages

emails sent but not received by the recipient (due to unresponsive server, full mailbox…)

Email failed

email that have not been sent (probably due to the address error)

Suppression List

suppressed email addresses

Email Sending Statistics and more_2.png

From each of these headings new targets can be created with the ‘Create a target’ button or the records can exported to an Excel file with ‘Export list’. The Statistics section provides access to statistics for the entire campaign (thus considering all the emails related to that campaign), or for a specific newsletter.