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6.4 FAX Module

vtenext can be enabled to send faxes. To configure the transmission of Fax messages login as an Admin user and go to Settings > Outbound Fax server.

To enable the transmission of faxes from vtenext you need to set up an email-to-fax service. This service can be requested from your mobile communications provider or by contacting vtenext partners.

Once the service has been set up you can define the email addresses authorised to send faxes (faxes can only be sent from authorised email addresses). To send a fax from the email function simply send a mail to an address with the following structure:

country code and callee number @ service provider domain . it/ com/…

The following must therefore be indicated in vtenext:

  • Data of the mailbox enabled to send Faxes
  • Country Code
  • Fax service provider domain

Server Name

Specify the outbound email server address referred to the mailbox enabled for sending faxes

User Name

Login to access the mailbox


Password associated with the mailbox

Requires Authentication?

Specify Yes/No depending on the characteristics of the email server (generally Yes)

Domain to apply to fax numbers

This information is supplied by the fax service provider

Fax service account

State the account name for the fax service; this information is supplied by the fax service provider

Code to apply to fax numbers

Specify the country code (39 for Italy)

Name displayed in the fax message

his function depends on the service provider - it might not be enabled