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For the correct functioning of the application, it is necessary to activate the jobs related to automatic processes in the cron/planning activities of the server on which vtenext is installed,
The functions affected by this configuration are: workflow (email sending), recurring billing, import from SV files, Calendar reminders, notifications and reporting notifications, newsletters, Messages module, Mail Scanner and SLA.
To activate the automatic operation, the following file must be inserted in the cron/planning:

  1. Windows SchTasks /Create /SC MINUTE /mo 5 /TN "Scheduled vtenext19ce tasks" /TR "c:\vtenext19ce\htdocs\cron\RunCron.bat" /RU SYSTEM
  2. Linux <directoryVtenext>/cron/

The automatic processes related to the following functions will then be active:

  • Workflow (sending email)
  • Recurring billing (ref. Sales Orders form)
  • Import from CSV file
  • Calendar reminder (Warning tab within Events)
    Notifications and notifications reporting (sending notifications by email and report of notifications)
  • Newsletters
  • Messages Module (automatic download of messages)

The automatic processes relating to the following functions must, instead, be activated manually:

  • Mail Scanner
  • SLA

Setting the column active = 1 in the vtenext_cronjob database table.