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4.2 To-Dos

To-dos are always assigned to a user or a group of users; it is not however possible to invite other users or link more than one contact. The to-do can be transferred to another user by changing the assignee.

The input procedures are the same as for the events: from the related object, from the Calendar module graphic interface, or using the CREATE button.



Enter a name (title) for the to-do


Set a priority level


Add a short description to the to-do


By default the status is “not started”; the value can be changed if necessary

Assigned to

By default, the user who creates the task is the assignee, with the facility to change the user if necessary

Time & Date and Due Date

Each to-do has a start and end and it can proceed also over several days

The to-dos to be completed are displayed in the upper area of the calendar.

You can view the list of open to-dos from any point of vtenext by clicking on the icon in the menu on the right side.