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6.2.3 Newsletter Configuration (SMTP)

From Settings > Other Settings, is possible to access the newsletter configuration page, which allows, interface side, to configure a dedicated SMTP for mass mailing with marketing purpose.


Configuration interface of the dedicated SMTP for Newsletter

6_2_3-Newsletter-Configuration_2.pngEditing dedicated SMTP for Newsletter

Clicking on Edit, is possible to set a series of parameters to configure a dedicated SMTP to send Newsletter, below parameters details:

Server name



The  SMTP server port to use for sending emails  es. 465

User name

The username for the account used to send emails linked to the particular SMTP with relay rights on all inbox


The password for the account used to send emails 

Requires Authentication

Check if the server needs authentication for the login

Send rate

Maximum number of email sent daily 

Address exclusion policy

Campaigns: it excludes only the unsuscribe people of that campaign 
Global: it excludes all unscribe people of the crm

Bounce settings IMAP

All the settings for the bounce inbox. In that folder will be directed the bounced emails, that are emails which even if have been set correctly, they are blocked and sent back to the sender. Thanks to the configuration of this inbox all the bouced emails will be located in that inbox without clogging the sender.