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7. vtenext GDPR Web App

The vtenext GDPR APP is a self-service tool for personal data management by customers.

To allow customers to use this tool, a campaign must be created in vtenext for contacts and leads, with an invitation to access the Web App.

Each contact in the CRM will be able to use the vtenext GDPR App and, after registering and confirming the account, will be able to use all the functions.

The contact can edit his/her data, give consent for processing and for profiling operations or remove his/her details from the databases. Contacts can also manage any duplicates simply by selecting the main entity to be considered and, automatically, all the data present in the duplicate fields will populate the chosen profile.

The operations performed on the app by the contact and confirmed by means of a link received with a notification email will be updated in real time in the CRM and on the databases of connected systems (ERP, HR applications, etc.)