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8.4 Price Books

The function of a price book is to collect a set of products whose price changes compared to the unit price, defined in the product record. To create a price book, click on create_button.png.

8.4 [1].png

To avoid confusion, the Price Book must be given a unique name. The program also allows the insertion of a description for possible future reference. Refer to the information given for the Products and Services modules in relation to the relevant fields.

8.4 [2].png

8.4 [3].png

Once you have associated a product/ service to a price list, you can retrieve the price list when you are filling out invoices, quotations and sale orders.

8.4 [4].png

By clicking the icon , on on every product line, it is possible to display the list of the price books which includes the product and select the desired one.