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12.5 Tickets

A further level of detail, under Project Tasks, relates to tickets.
To use tickets as project activities, it is a good idea to categorise them in order to distinguish them from tickets relating to assistance (you just need to use the Category field).

Warning: tickets related to planning are not displayed in the Gantt chart.

An example of use:
For the customer, MARIO ROSSI, I plan a project for the "Brand – Model X" boiler. For the installation and testing of the boiler, I will have to carry out some activities that will have to be counted in a service package sold together with the product. The activities will be included in the two tickets, linked to the specific Operation and Planning of Mario Rossi's Boiler.

They will also be related to the contracted service package (in turn linked to a customer order), in order to deduct the actual hours related to the activities/tickets.

In addition to the manual creation of the ticket for a planned activity, as explained earlier in the manual, you have the option of taking advantage of the tracking of daily or extraordinary activities, further automating the process. For example: the customer sends you an email with the requests to be evaluated. You decide to work on them immediately within the project; you press the Play button on the tracking so that the system starts to count, and then you create a ticket at the end.