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5.3 Email Templates

The vtenext admin user can make email templates available to other users for use for single emails and for newsletters. The general characteristics of email templates applicable to both mails and newsletters are described below, while specific functions concerning emails are shown in the subsequent sections.

To create a new Email template go to Settings > Customer Tools >Template Email.

Email Templates_1.png

The email templates configuration mask contains an initial internal information section and a second section (grey box) composed of the body of the email and the data visible to the recipients.

Email Templates_2.png


Template name


Template description (optional)


Public: the template is available to all
Personal users: only the template is available only to admin users


Email: templates available for emails (Messages Module)
Newsletter: templates available for the Newsletters module


Email subject


Body of the email


Note. If a template contains variables related to leads and is set to contacts, the variables will be displayed but not completed. We suggest creating two different templates with different variables, one for the Leads module and one for Contacts. Note that it is helpful to inform users of the module for which the template is available, providing the information in the Description, for example.

N.B. For additional  information on new newsletter editor refer to the chapter 6.1.6 New Newsletter editor.