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6.1.6 New Newsletter editor

From vtenext 20.04, a new newsletter editor is available and allows creating newsletter in a easier way. HTML code knowledge is not needed, all the elements needed can be managed using the drag and drop function.
Here you can see the new tool:

6.1.6 [1].png

Here below you can find all the icons of the tools available:


Allows to test the preview choosing among:

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • Mobile
newsletter_view_components.png Allows to activate/deactivate the templates' construction lines
newsletter_fullscreen.png Allows to activate/deactivate the full screen display mode. This mode eases the construction of templates
newsletter_view_code.png Allows the HTML code visualization
newsletter_import_template.png Allows the template import by coping and pasting the source code
newsletter_toggle_images.png Allows to momentarily hide all the pictures in the template
newsletter_edit_code.png Allows to edit the source code
newsletter_open_style_manager.png After selecting an element in the newsletter template click on this icon to access all the editing options available (Size, Style, Decorations)

After selecting an element in the newsletter template click on this icon to access all the setting options available. The options change according to the selected element. Here below some examples:

  • Text: ID e Title
  • Link: Title, Href (Url), Target (Same window, Different window)
  • Image: Alt
  • ecc.
newsletter_open_layer_manager.png Allows to display the layers on where the template is built. In this way the user can easily switch from one div to another.
newsletter_open_blocks.png Activates the display of all the blocks and elements available to build the template


Available blocks


newsletter_1_section.png Adds a tab with a cell
newsletter_1_2_section.png Adds a tab with two cells vertically divided
newsletter_1_3_section.png Adds a tab with three cells vertically divided
newsletter_3_7_section.png Inserts a tab with two cells vertically divided, 25% on the left and 75% on the right
newsletter_button.png Adds a button with the possibility of generating a link and changing its title
newsletter_divider.png Adds an horizontal division line
newsletter_text.png Tool to add a text block, text can be formatted only by diversifying the blocks (each block can have only one format)
newsletter_text_section.png Tool to insert a text area
newsletter_image.png Allows to insert an image, uploading it from the computer or linking the URL
newsletter_quote.png Allows to insert a “quoted” text
newsletter_link.png Allows to insert a link. Once this tool is selected click on the settings icon to set the link’s URL
newsletter_link_block.png Allows you to set an area, where you can insert an image that will have to be linked, for example, to your website
newsletter_ordered_list.png Tool to create a numbered list
newsletter_unordered_list.png Tool to create a bullet list
newsletter_unsubscription_link.png Allows to insert the unsubscription link
newsletter_preview_link.png Allows to insert the preview link
newsletter_spacer_block.png Tool to insert a space, among the newsletter’s elements