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6.1.1 Step 1: Campaign


In order to create a regular newsletters (e.g. with weekly frequency) addressed to a specific target in your database, you must first create a new campaign that will act as the newsletters “container”.

Note that “Campaigns” is a horizontal module that can be used also for other kinds of campaigns, such as telemarketing or events.

Create a new record from Campaigns with the CREATE button

Most of the fields shown are optional. If you are creating a newsletter-type campaign, fields like Revenue, Budget and Costs are less relevant (so you can omit them) compared, for example, to a trade show type campaign.

Campaign Name

Choose a name based on the objective

Campaign Type

Choose the campaign type from the picklist (admin-editable values)


Select a product from the CRM and link it to the campaign, if relevant

Campaign Status

Select the status (list can be changed by the administrator)

Expected Close Date

Date on which campaign will be ended

Expected Revenue

Amount of profit expected to be generated by the campaign

Budget Cost

Costs incurred for the campaign (indicated e.g. for trade show type campaigns)

Assigned to

User or group responsible for campaign management


Describe target to which the campaign is addressed (Information text field)