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8 Inventory: products, services and price books

To manage the sales process via vtenext, first you must define the products/services catalogue, then the specific price books and product lines. These actions make it possible to manage diversified sales activities, customer types that require price diversification, and the vendors purchasing cycle.

As for the other vtenext modules, to create a product simply click on thecreate_button.png icon in the module.

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Key fields:

Product Name

Name of product

Product Code

This value appears in Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices and Delivery Notes


Allows the product vendor record to be linked

Product active

If active, the product is available for sale (this means that inactive products cannot be entered in quotes, orders, etc.)

Unit Price

Unit sale price, proposed in the quote, order, etc.

Unit Cost

Purchase cost

Quantity in Stock

Quantity in stock; this value is decreased on creation of an Invoice and increased on creation of a Purchase Order (in Status = Shipment Received)

Reorder Level

Quantity threshold for reorder

In Pricing Information you can also enter tax and tax percentage, these parameters however requiring an administrator side setting.

  • Taxes are defined in Settings > Tax calculation
  • Currencies must be defined in Settings > Currency

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