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3.5.4 Checking duplicates in a module

You can check for the presence of duplicates in a module by means of a wizard.

To launch the duplicates check click on Other and Find duplicates in the module in question, then enter the key fields to find the duplicates (including customised fields).

Start the duplicates search procedure by clicking OTHER > FIND DUPLICATES button.

Checking duplicates in a module.png

Checking duplicates in a module_2.png

Checking duplicates in a module_3.png

Duplicate records can be merged using the Merge button. You can merge up to three duplicate records at a time.

See the screenshot below for details on how to validate and merge duplicate records by selecting the required values field by field.

Checking duplicates in a module_4.png


  • the selected record will be the file that is saved following the merge;
  • following the merge, the saved record will contain the merged relations;
  • the records merge operation can be enabled or disabled in User profiles.

See the next paragraph, relating to the SAVE FIELD MAPPING button which allows you to check the data during insertion to avoid entering existing personal data.